Deloitte Corporate Responsibility Report 2015

We serve clients with quality and distinction, delivering innovative ideas that reflect our unique capabilities and make a measurable and attributable impact.

CEO Challenge There is no stronger proof of our people’s passion for innovation and challenge than the Deloitte CEO Challenge.

Frank Vettese, Managing Partner & Chief Executive Officer, launched the contest in 2015, calling on all Deloitte people in Canada to come up with groundbreaking ideas to address clients’ mission-critical needs. The winning team would receive up to $200,000 in seed money to implement its concept.

In the end, 663 ideas were submitted to our ideation platform, where they generated 6,000 votes and 2,000 comments. An incredible 70 percent of the firm engaged with the Challenge at some point. The top five teams faced a Dragons’ Den-style panel to make their pitch.

The winner, as chosen by the CEO and a panel of judges, was Deloitte Wearables. The wearable technology industry is set to grow from an estimated $3.3 billion to $8.1 billion in the next few years. The Wearables team aims to capitalize on this opportunity with a focus on health and safety, establishing partnerships with vendors and academia and also working with clients to design disruptive new solutions that infuse analytics capabilities into wearable technologies.

“Both the quantity and the quality of the submissions was impressive,” says Frank. “As a result, we decided on the spot to award $100,000 in seed money to each of the other four teams to develop their ideas further. To make sure that no good ideas are left behind, our Innovation Office is also assisting people who want to keep working on their concept, even if they didn’t make the winner’s circle this year.”

The Way We Work

Ethics and integrity

A solid foundation of ethics and integrity is essential for sustaining the trust of our clients, the capital markets, and the public at large. All Deloitte people are expected to live by the ethical principles of all member firms of DTTL.

Our ECode of Conduct was refreshed in FY14 to reflect new social issues, such as anti-corruption, and align with updated firm policies. The electronic format enables user-friendly features like videos, links to policies and reference materials, and Q&As. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for our people to make the right choice in every situation. A PDF version of the Code is now available on our corporate website to give our clients and the general public an appreciation of the focus we put on our values and of our unwavering commitment to the highest standards of professional business conduct.

In FY15, Canada played a key role in the design of the Global Code of Conduct to be launched in the summer of 2016. As we grow locally and internationally, the need for a Global code was identified in order to provide assurance to our global clients and third parties with whom we contract that Deloitte member firms and alliances take a consistent, network-wide approach to ethics. Similar to the Canadian Code, the Global Code emphasizes Deloitte’s commitment to people, clients, and society, and sets out the behaviours that our stakeholders can expect from a Deloitte professional today and going forward.

Deloitte Ethical Principles

  • Honesty and integrity
  • Professional behaviour
  • Competence
  • Objectivity
  • Confidentiality
  • Fair business practices
  • Responsibility to society
  • Respect and fair treatment
  • Accountability and decision-making

The Way We Work

Leading with objectivity

One of the most visible demonstrations of Deloitte’s integrity is our ability to be independent in providing services to our clients. It means being free of any influence, interest, or relationship that may (or may appear to) impair our professional judgment and objectivity. Regulators and professional bodies require us to be independent and our clients and marketplace expect it.

All Deloitte professionals must confirm their compliance with the firm’s independence policies and procedures at least annually. Partners, senior managers, and managers must confirm their compliance every six months. They must also enter their own, and their immediate family members’, financial interests and brokerage accounts into an electronic tracking system, called the Global Independence Monitoring System (GIMS), which pre-clears investments and flags issues before a client engagement begins. We have added a new feature that enables individual account holdings to be automatically imported into a person’s GIMS portfolio through arrangements with a growing number of brokerage firms.

In FY15, independence training was made mandatory for all Deloitte people in Canada. The 30-minute e-learning course helps people recognize the kinds of financial, business, and employment relationships that can impact their independence. It is tailored to a person’s level and role in the organization and includes an extra module for Audit partners and practitioners.

The Way We Work

Quality and risk management

Protecting confidential client information is a business imperative in our line of work. The global Deloitte network identified it as one of its top five priority risks. Clients are increasingly concerned about confidentiality breaches and, understandably, they hold us accountable for our confidentiality obligations.

In Canada, we continue to enhance our focus on protecting confidential information. We have appointed a Chief Confidentiality Officer and established a Confidentiality Governance Committee to oversee implementation of a number of initiatives designed to further mitigate risks. Areas of focus include client contract compliance, tailored client confidential information programs, data leakage prevention strategies, and incident response management. We also continue to implement training and communications to ensure that all Deloitte professionals understand their responsibilities for protecting information.

Download our 2015 Transparency Report to learn more about Deloitte’s governance processes, ethical principles, and quality-control procedures.

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The Way We Work

Client service

Our approach to client service is distinguished by our continual efforts to equip our lead client service partners (LCSP) with the training and resources they need to succeed, and our ability to provide multidisciplinary solutions when clients come to us with their toughest business challenges.

A new approach to gaining feedback from clients was piloted in FY15 and is continuing to be defined such that we obtain meaningful and actionable insights through open, honest dialogue with our clients. The program is helping us start client conversations and build stronger connections.

Deloitte Corporate Responsibility Report 2015

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