Deloitte Corporate Responsibility Report 2015

Deloitte promotes sustainability efforts across our firm and helps clients transition to sustainable business models and practices that will deliver long-term financial growth.

Sustainability in Action Deloitte’s Sustainability and Climate Change practice is making a name for itself, providing high-quality services related to pressing sustainability issues.

Our work with the Sustainability Department of the Inter-American Development Bank Group (IDB) and its project finance client, Corporación Quiport, the concessionaire of the new Mariscal International Airport in Quito, Ecuador, is a prime example of the reason why.

Airports are powerful economic engines for cities, adding modern infrastructure and creating jobs and opportunities for local businesses.

In Ecuador, Deloitte’s team was called on to identify and evaluate opportunities to create shared value for the airport and local community members, most of whom are small fruit and vegetable farmers. The team conducted a quantitative evaluation of options and recommended three sustainability programs, which they are now helping to implement, jointly with the Inter-American Investment Corporation, a member of the IDB Group.

“We’re helping to create a market for the local farmers building on their success in selling their produce to airport employees,” says Cindy Chao, Manager in our Sustainability and Climate Change group. “We’ve also started discussions with airport restaurants to see if there are market opportunities for the farmers there as well.”

The two other programs are related to creating and supporting community-based recycling businesses to manage some of the airport’s waste, and developing a training academy to build local employment capacity and strengthen the airport’s customer service. These projects will be implemented in phases.

According to Andrew O’Brian, CEO of Quiport: “This is a great opportunity to enhance our social responsibility programs and take further steps to continue contributing to the sustainable social and economic development of Quito and Ecuador.”


Operational sustainability

Reducing paper consumption is the top environmental priority in our offices. We want to be as close to paperless as possible. The two main drivers of our success are the move to cloud printing and the ongoing transition to an electronic document management (EDM) system, which is a multi-year effort.

To encourage a “think before you print” attitude, we implemented a paper footprint campaign – tied to being a workplace of the future – in which monthly individual printing statistics are emailed to each person. The email shows the number of pages the person printed, their three-month printing trend, and how they are tracking compared to the previous year. We also implemented a paperless travel and expense system in FY15 that allows people to book travel online and instantly submit pictures of receipts.

Deloitte uses two major companies for securely shredding and recycling documents, when appropriate. Once shredded, the processed materials are transported to paper mills for pulping, thereby reducing pollution; preserving landfill space; and saving trees, water, and energy resources. Both companies send us annual reports indicating the number of trees saved through our efforts – by their calculations, we preserved well over 10,000 trees in FY15!

Here are some of the waste-reduction and recycling practices used in our offices:

Reusable coffee mugs – Instead of disposable coffee cups, we provide reusable mugs. Where single-use cups do remain in use, we use ecotainer™ hot cups, made from fully renewable resources like corn, to reduce the impact.

Return-It – We use Encorp’s Return-It program to collect and recycle empty beverage containers. All money that Encorp collects from the return of these items is donated to the United Way.

TerraCycle – TerraCycle provides free waste-collection programs for hard-to-recycle items, which the company turns into affordable green products like lunch boxes, tote bags, and pencil cases. Deloitte has set up collection points in many office kitchens to gather chocolate bar wrappers and chip packets that would otherwise go into the trash.

Composting – Introduced in 2010, our organic waste-reduction program has been such a success that many locations have had to replace existing collection bins with even larger ones.


Greening our buildings

Our Workplace of the Future initiative redefines what it means to be green and efficient. Flexible workspaces reduce an organization’s overall real estate footprint, allowing space to be used as needed, rather than being occupied on average 45 percent of the time only. As we transform our office space, our Corporate Real Estate and Business Operations team has also made Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) certification a priority – with the goal of all buildings being certified to at least the LEED® Silver level.

At our new office space in Montreal, Deloitte is the anchor tenant in the first major office project in the city to achieve LEED® Platinum certification. Deloitte Tower features energy-efficient lighting and cooling systems that help reduce overhead costs and emissions. Bike storage encourages our people to ride to work instead of driving, and employees also have individual control over the temperature of their workstations by turning vents on or off.

Deloitte joined the Canada Green Building Council.

Responsible Procurement

Our Shared Values put integrity at the centre of everything Deloitte member firms do. We expect our suppliers to uphold similar values and high standards. We seek to purchase goods and services that have the least negative impact on the environment, in terms of waste management, packaging and paper minimization, resource use minimization, and energy efficiency.


Earth Rangers

For the past four years, Deloitte has sponsored the Earth Rangers School Outreach program, which brings wildlife into schools to introduce students to biodiversity and environmental science themes. Earth Rangers also put on a wildlife show for children of Deloitte employees at our Junior PlanetSavers day camps in Toronto and Vancouver. The popular, daylong camps for children aged six to nine aim to educate the younger generation about environmental issues.

Deloitte Corporate Responsibility Report 2015

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