Deloitte Corporate Responsibility Report 2015

We seek to inspire our people to deliver value – mentoring and developing future leaders and colleagues for life. Our talent strategy is rooted in Deloitte’s Shared Values: integrity, outstanding value to markets and clients, commitment to each other, and strength from cultural diversity.

Workplace of the Future Deloitte is in the midst of a Workplace of the Future transformation in all offices across the country.

It’s not just new office spaces, but a transformation in how our people work.

“Our research shows that workplace values are largely compatible across generations – but what differs is approaches to work itself,” says Marc Perron, Deloitte’s Managing Partner for Quebec. “By providing employees with flexibility and choice when it comes to the way they work, we’re creating a workplace of the future that encourages collaboration; teamwork; and cross-functional, innovative thinking.”

Our new office space in Montreal, which opened in September 2015, allows people to select from more than 18 types of workspaces to suit their needs and wants – from personal workstations, quiet rooms, and treadmill walk stations to collaborative workspaces, including flex spaces like booths, open/semi-open ad hoc meeting spaces, and tables. The office also includes social spaces like lounges, cafes, bistros and outdoor green space, a wellness centre with fitness facilities and change rooms, and a concierge desk to welcome people.

Technology also plays a central role in the new workplace, enabling employees to stay connected and mobile, both inside and outside of the office space. Solutions like lighter laptops, secure Wi-Fi, and voice-over IP instead of traditional phones allow employees to remain accessible no matter where they choose to work. Technologies like SMART Boards provide collaborative solutions that encourage innovation.

So far, we have converted our Ottawa, Langley, St. John’s, and Montreal offices to the new format. The St. John’s office has conducted a study to understand how the new workplace affects internal communication and engagement levels. Participants wore a smart ID badge, or sociometric badge, for two weeks before the move and then again for two weeks after the move to identify patterns in their interactions and communications.

Our People

Key metrics

FY15 personnel (Full-Time Equivalent)

Total people: 8,820
886 Number of Partners
5,626 Number of
Professional Staff
2,309 Administrative
Total people: 8,820
Number of Partners
Number of
Professional Staff
Average age:
Voluntary turnover
rate for full-time staff:


WomenVisible minorities


Visible minorities

52.41% 21.83%
Overall Population


Visible minorities

47.38% 21.29%
Managers, Senior
Managers, and Directors


Visible minorities

23.1% 7.5%

Our People

Culture of inclusion

Deloitte recognizes that inclusion makes good business sense since a broad range of perspectives and thinking drives better outcomes and solutions for our clients. We strive to see inclusion not as a stand-alone program, but as a value that is woven into our culture and ingrained in our business goals and strategies. Every individual brings a unique contribution to Deloitte, and inclusion gives all employees the ability to fully engage with our firm, bringing their “whole selves” to the workplace.

Our shift to a more inclusive culture starts at the top, recognizing that culture is built by leaders. Managing Partner & CEO Frank Vettese champions our efforts and has taken strong action to demonstrate his commitment – such as emphasizing the importance of inclusion as a core business imperative and contributing to the gender balance of our global firm’s Board of Directors by transferring his seat to Shannon MacDonald, our Chief Inclusion Officer.

Steps to engage our firm’s leadership include a series of offerings and a curriculum that helps leaders move from inclusive intentions to action, innovation, and high performance. Our unique inclusion toolkit offers inclusion labs in the Deloitte Greenhouse, data analytics, and tools and training to help people understand and address their unconscious biases.

In FY15, we relaunched Deloitte Communities (formerly called Deloitte People Networks). Each community emphasizes networking and support, as well as building eminence and business for Deloitte. The firm has nine formal communities:

  • Aboriginal Community
  • AccessAbility Community
  • Boomer Community
  • Canadian Asian Network
  • Canadian Black Professional Network
  • Canadian Women’s Initiatives, which acts as a coordinating body for various women’s groups, such as Career Moms
  • Deloitte Dads
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered and Queer Employees & Allies at Deloitte (LEAD)
  • Deloitte Hispanic Network

On March 6, 2015, Deloitte signed the Women’s Empowerment Principles CEO Statement of Support, which expresses our support for advancing equality between women and men. A partnership initiative of UN Women and the UN Global Compact, the Women’s Empowerment Principles promote seven principles for the private sector to follow in empowering women in the workplace, marketplace, and community. Also in March, Frank Vettese was recognized with the Women’s Empowerment Principles’ CEO Cultural Change for Empowerment Award, as one of only five business leaders to be honoured for their unwavering and proactive commitment to gender equality.

Deloitte Australia research found that highly inclusive teams outperform non-inclusive teams by:

Our People


Wellness is a strategic priority for the firm – we continue to refine our wellness strategy around four guiding principles: balanced and holistic, inclusive and flexible, preventative and proactive, and shared accountability.

A big step forward was the design, staffing, and outfitting of our first Deloitte wellness centre, which opened in July 2015 at our new Montreal office. Montreal Recharge, as it is called, has a studio for group fitness classes and team-building activities; treatment and assessment rooms for massage; and rooms to meditate, reflect, or pray. Showers and a quiet lounge are available after a workout or a long flight. All Deloitte people are welcome to use the centre and most programs are free of charge (while users must pay for massage and personal training, they can use their firm-provided wellness subsidy to help cover the costs).

In FY15, we launched LifeSpeak, a library of 120 short video and audio podcasts, for Deloitte people and their families. These expert-led, professionally produced videos cover topics ranging from mastering stress, mental health in the workplace, and addiction to relationships to having difficult conversations.

Our People

Performance management

Deloitte is reinventing performance management, recognizing that our process for evaluating the work of our people was out of step with our objectives. We replaced the traditional rating system and semi-annual performance discussions with an approach that is simple, timely, forward looking, and based on understanding and leveraging people’s strengths as they themselves define them. Team leaders now connect with individual team members for frequent, focused discussions on how they are applying their strengths to their work and give them specific feedback on their progress. At the end of each project (or once every quarter for long-term assignments), we ask team leaders to respond to four simple, future-oriented statements about each team member, like: “Given what I know of this person’s performance, I would always want him or her on my team.” These regular performance snapshots are shifting our focus from assessing skills to talking to people about what they bring personally to their work and what we can do to help them use their strengths more effectively.

Our People

Career development

We expect our people to make an impact that matters, and that means giving them ample opportunity to develop their technical and professional skills, build their leadership capabilities, and gain new experiences.

Deloitte has a very successful Uniform Final Exam (UFE) legacy – our internally designed courses have contributed to a 90 percent pass rate. The process to become a chartered professional accountant (CPA) in Canada is now changing and students have to go through a new certification program and Common Final Exam (CFE). To help our young professionals write the CFE, we developed the Deloitte CPA Advantage, which gives them access to exclusive study materials and to mentors within the firm who coach them to success.

We are making significant investments in the design and delivery of world-class leadership learning experiences. When our new Toronto office opens in 2016, it will include a Deloitte University (DU) facility, one of only five in the world. This innovative, experiential learning centre will focus on growing leadership skills at all levels of the organization and emphasize engagement both inside the classroom and afterward. We have committed a whole floor of our Toronto tower to DU, with half of it devoted to classrooms and the other half to collaborative space.

In FY15, we continued to emphasize new-generation leadership development programs, recognizing the need to elevate emerging leaders and newly promoted managers to higher levels of performance and responsibility:

  • We focused on equipping lead client service partners (LCSPs) to become better advisors. As part of the learning experience, we brought external business leaders into the classroom to share what they look for in an advisor and what LCSPs can do to build relationships and deliver distinctive value. These “CXOs” engaged in discussions with our LCSPs throughout the course and brought reality to what participants heard and ideas about what they could do differently.
  • We piloted Aspirations, a multi-year development program for senior managers who aspire to become partners. Not only does the program raise the level of quality and consistency in preparing top talent for leadership, but it’s also intended to build a more diverse leadership pipeline and increase transparency about how partnership works.
  • In FY15, 600 new managers and seniors attended our innovative, simulation-based milestone schools. In addition, 219 people participated in the new, sales-oriented Growth Accelerator and Business Activator programs. The Growth Accelerator program for senior managers includes classroom training and a 10-week followup led by a Deloitte partner. The Business Activator program is designed to provide managers with foundational sales skills with a focus on networking.

Across the firm in the fall of FY15, we celebrated the accomplishments of our Uniform Final Exam writers. In total, 484 Deloitte people passed the UFE and 11 were honour roll members.

Deloitte Corporate Responsibility Report 2015

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